HR Handbook

HR Handbook - for all schools and academies

We have written an HR Handbook specifically for schools and academies because of the specific regulation around the way staff are employed in schools.

The full handbook is included as part of our Complete HR Service. It is updated in line with employment and case law and national terms and conditions for teachers and support staff. We notify you by email when changes are made and send you the latest updates.

Academies and Schools do not always have access to experienced HR managers, this one stop shop will provide HR resources which enable the appointed manager to work with confidence and give them the peace of mind that they are always working with the most up to date documents and they will be able to concentrate on managing staff in line with guidance and procedures that reflect current good practice. The HR Helpline is also included in the Complete HR Service.

The user's guide in the handbook explains the legal employment framework for your school or academy and the statutory requirements versus discretions that you have – and where statutory guidance from the DfE applies, the handbook tells you this too!

You can also see what changes are on the horizon by checking the news page where we will give a brief outline of planned employment law changes going through the parliamentary process.

Please be sure that you select the correct version of the user guide and employment contracts for your school.

ModulePagesPublished Date


1.1 - Recruitment and Selection60April 2018

1.1.1 Appointment policy and procedure for Academies

1.1.2 Recruitment and selection guidance;

i Recruitment stages grid.

ii Job Description template.

iii Person Specification Selection grid.

iv Factsheet for School Posts.

v Letter to Applicants (including explanatory note on the recruitment process).

vi Equal Opportunities Monitoring Self Classification Form.

vii Sample selection grid.

viii Reference Request form.

ix Feedback Sheet.

x UK Border agency requirements

xi Family relationships

1.1.3 Application form (Teaching)

1.1.4 Application form (Support staff)

1.2 - Pre-Employment Checks - CRB and medical fitness56April 2018

1.2.1 Pre-employment checking procedure

1.2.2 CRB policy and checking procedure

1.2.3 Applicants Guide to the DBS Checks and Childcare Disqualification

1.2.4 ISA Checking Procedure and Referal Process

1.2.5 Pre-Employment Medical Screening

1.2.6 Occupational Health Job Evaluation Form

1.2.7 Pre-Employment Health Questionnaire

1.2.8 Pre-Employment Declaration

1.3 - Hours of Work and Working Time8April 2018

1.3.1 Hours of Work - Guidance

1.3.2 Working time directive and time off for rest

1.4 - Contracts of Employment57April 2018

1.4.1 Employment contracts - Managers Guide

1.4.2 Self-employed or employed?

1.4.3 Teachers Contract

1.4.4 Support Staff Contract - 52 weeks

1.4.5 Support Staff Contract - TTO

1.4.6 Casual Worker Statement

1.4.7 Employee Payroll Details Record

1.4.8 Personnel Records Policy and Data Protection

i Data Protection Principles

ii Employee's Statement of Consent and Rights of Access

iii Format for the Organisation of Personnel Files

iv Checklist for Handling Requests for Personal Information

v Personnel Records File Template

1.5 - Induction and Probation Periods27April 2018

1.5.1 Staff Induction Guidance

i Induction Checklist

1.5.2 Probationary Period for Support Staff

i Probationary Period Review Form

ii Timescale - Support staff

1.5.3 Managers Short Guide to NQT Induction Standards

i QTS Skills Test.

ii Teachers who Completed Induction Outside England

iii Summary of Roles and Responsibilities in the Induction Period

People Management

2.1 - Pay and Grading17April 2018

2.1.1 Pay Policy for use in Schools

2.1.2 Safeguarding of Pay Policy

2.2 - Performance Management and Appraisal42April 2018

2.2.1 Management Guidance on Performance Management for Support Staff and Teachers

2.2.2 Performance Management Policy - Teaching Staff

i Classroom observation protocol

ii Teacher Performance Review Statement Form

iii Teacher Performance Review - Statement of Objectives

iv Consideration for Progression to the Upper Pay Spine Form

2.2.3 Performance Management - Support Staff

i Support Staff Performance Review Statement Form

ii Support Staff Performance Review - Statement of Objectives

2.2.4 PM and Pay Checklist.

2.2.5 Threshold Assessment - Overview and Further Information

2.3 - Capability and Performance33April 2018

2.3.1 Lack of Capability Policy and Procedure

i Capability flowchart

ii Model Capability Improvement Plan

iii Notes for Guidance for Head teachers Hearing a Capability Case

iv Procedure for Hearing Appeals by the Governing Body

2.3.2 Capability Procedure Letters.

2.3.3 Guide to Staff Facing the Capability Procedure

2.4 - Grievance13April 2018

2.4.1 Grievance Policy and Procedure.

i Notification of Grievance Form

ii Grievance Record Form

iii Grievance Hearing and Appeals Procedure

2.5 - Managing Absence47April 2018

2.5.1 Sickness Management Policy

i Sickness Reporting Procedure Guide to Staff

ii The Informal Return to Work Discussion, Five Point Plan

iii Record of Absence Form

iv The Formal Return to Work Discussion

v Guidance on the Conduct of Home Visits

vi Template Referral Letter to Occupational Health Advisor and Sample Letter

2.5.2 Sick Pay Scheme.

2.5.3 Sickness Notification, Self Certification Form and Return to Work Record.

2.6 - Miscellaneous in service policies and procedures4April 2018

2.6.1 Long Service Awards Policy

i Tax Implication on Long Service Awards.

2.7 - Managing Stress23April 2018

2.7.1 Stress Management Guidance

2.7.2 Stress Management Policy and Procedure

2.7.3 Stress Management Self help guide

2.7.4 Stress Management Resources Document


3.1 - Code of Conduct7April 2018

3.1.1 Code of Conduct Including Dress Code

3.2 - Substance Misuse4April 2018

3.2.1 Alcohol and Other Substance Misuse Policy

3.3 - Discipline44April 2018

3.3.1 Disciplinary Procedure

i Examples of misconduct

ii Disciplinary Flowchart

3.3.2 Guidance for the Investigator

i Letter to Notify of Investigatory Interview

3.3.3 Guidance for Employees Facing the Disciplinary Procedure

3.3.4 Appeals Policy and Procedure

3.3.5 Disciplinary Sample Letters

3.4 - Allegations against staff12April 2018

3.4.1 Staff Facing Allegations of Abuse Policy

i Staff conduct rules associated with pupil contact.

Work Life Balance - family friendly policies

4.1 - Maternity18April 2018

4.1.1 Maternity Policy and Procedure

4.1.2 Maternity Information Pack

4.2 - Adoption11April 2018

4.2.1 Adoption Policy and Procedure

4.2.2 Adoption Information Pack

4.3 - Paternity5April 2018

4.3.1 Paternity Leave Policy

4.4 - Time off Work and Flexible Working41April 2018

4.4.1 The Right to Ask and the Duty to Consider Flexible Working

4.4.2 Parental Leave Policy and Procedures

4.4.3 Time Off for Dependants Policy

4.4.4 Leave Arrangements

4.4.5 Managers Guide to Leave Arrangements

4.4.6 Other Time off Work Arrangements

i Request for Absence Form

4.4.7 Summary of Time Off Work Entitlements

4.4.8 Time to Train

i Request for Time to Train Form

4.4.9 Shared Parental Leave Policy

Fairness at work

5.1 - Communication and Consultation6April 2018

5.1.1 Information and Consultation Arrangements

5.1.2 Management Guidance to Working with Trade Unions and the Duty to Inform and Consult Employees

5.2 - Equal Opportunities9April 2018

5.2.1 Equality and Diversity Policy and Discrimination at Work

5.2.2 Equality Impact Assessments

i Equality Impact Assessment Form

5.3 - Whistle Blowing3April 2018

5.3.1 Whistle Blowing Policy

5.4 - Harassment5April 2018

5.4.1 Harassment Policy and Procedures

The end of employment

6.1 - Guide to Termination of Employment for Various Reasons7April 2018

6.1.1 Guide to the Termination of Employment for Various Reasons

6.2 - Exit Interviews11April 2018

6.2.1 Guide to Conducting Exit Interviews

i Manager's Exit Checklist

ii Exit Interview Questions

iii Exit Questionnaire

6.3 - Retirement6April 2018

6.3.1 Guidance on Retirement and Pensions

i Local Government Pensions Scheme - DfE briefing note

ii Retirement Standard Letters

6.4 - Redundancy28April 2018

6.4.1 Redundancy Policy and Procedure

i Schools Staff Skills Audit Form

ii Redundancy Selection Matrix - Individual Rationale Record

iii Redundancy Selection Matrix, Specific Teaching Skills. Example

iv Redundancy Selection Matrix - Summary Sheet

6.4.2 Redundancy Payment Scheme for Schools

i Statutory Redundancy Pay Table

6.4.3 Guidance to Staff Facing Redundancy

6.4.4 Redundancy Sample Letters

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